Why Organic Meat Can Mean Better Nutrition For You

Why Organic Meat Can Mean Better Nutrition For You

Meats are an everyday part of daily food intake for most people. Chicken, beef, lamb, and pork can usually be found on the menu at least three times a week for the average family. However, more people are becoming worried about what is actually in their meat and whether or not it is nutritious. While almost every grocery store and butcher must include nutritional labels now, it doesn’t mean that the meat you choose is organic or grass-fed, which can be a problem.

Why Choose Organic/Grass-Fed

Primarily, farmers try to bulk up their animals quickly so that they can be sold sooner for a profit. While it’s the point of business to spend as little time as possible to reap the biggest rewards, it’s not safe when food is concerned. Organic meat means that no chemicals or hormones were used to bulk up the animals. Likewise, they were fed appropriate grasses and were never allowed to eat grain.

Better Taste

Places like The Meat Store understand that when you buy organic meat, you get a different taste. When the animal feeds, it helps them grow. You can taste the food they ate when you consume them. Therefore, you may be tasting the hormones, antibiotics and grain they consumed. When you eat organic meats, you’re tasting only grasses, which leaves a different taste in your mouth. Some people say it tastes butterier and richer than other meats.

Better Quality

Again, you’ll see a better quality of meats available in the organic section because the animals were treated fairly and were allowed to move around and be free. Likewise, they weren’t pumped full of hormones to make them grow faster, so you get a richly and well-developed meat.

Healthier Options

Because you’re not consuming antibiotics and grains, you’re eating healthier, and many organic meat options have fewer calories by trade.

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