Why Patients Choose to Have Hospice Care At Home in Phoenix

It is becoming common for terminally ill patients in Phoenix to live out their days at home instead of in hospitals. Caregivers such as Serenity Hospice & Palliative Care are part of the reason for that. They offer Hospice Care At Home in Phoenix for patients who want to stay in familiar surroundings, enjoy their last days, and die with dignity.

Hospice Patients Often Choose to Stop Treatments
Patients often arrange for Hospice Care At Home in Phoenix because they want to make their own treatment choices. They are well aware that hospitals are in the business of making people well and offer health care designed to cure disease. Unfortunately, many procedures and medicines created to treat serious illness also have side effects. As a result, those who have had many procedures and only have months to live often stop treatment. They choose hospice care in order to spend their remaining days in comfortable surroundings and be with those they care for. Hospices assign each patient a team of professionals who manage their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. However, the caregivers do not try to cure patients’ diseases.

Hospice Staff Works With Families and Patients
Unlike traditional end-of-life care, hospice staff members consider patients’ wishes every step of the way. They also include and support families. Case managers make sure that patients have the medical equipment and pain medication needed to keep them comfortable. Many patients are able to spend months enjoying friends, families, and holidays. Caregivers also make sure that families know their relatives’ conditions. They gently guide them through the last days and ensure that they know what to expect.

Hospice Allows Death With Dignity
Home hospice care lets the terminally ill die on their own terms. Caregivers ensure that they only get the therapy or medication they want. However, patients and families do not have to suffer through traumatic emergency measures. The focus is on a peaceful passing. When patients are near death, caregivers make sure that any requested family or friends are there.
At home hospice care is becoming popular among the terminally ill. Patients who choose this option often want to stop curative treatments and enjoy the rest of their lives. Hospice staff respects their decisions, support families, and ensure that patients die with dignity. Contact Serenity Hospice & Palliative Care to know more.

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