Wine And Beer And Fun: Wine and Beer Tours

Wine And Beer And Fun: Wine and Beer Tours

If you are a lover of wine, you may consider what Wine and Beer Tours can offer you. The same applies if you enjoy your beer. Wine and Beer tours are designed to let you focus on one or the other, but with a couple of days to hand, you can see and taste them all. It all begins, simply enough, with booking a trip to Traverse City in Northern Michigan. Here, in the Wine and Beerarea, you can find everything an oenophile and a beer lover desire.

Wine and Beer Tours – The Wineries

Traverse City, the center or starting point of all great Wine and Beer tours, allows you to easily access two major wine growing and producing regions – the Leelanau Peninsula and the Old Mission Peninsula. No matter what peninsula you choose, you are providing yourself with the chance to explore some of the finest wines in the nation if not the world.

The wineries here are slowly establishing themselves a reputation that has expanded beyond the borders of Northern Michigan. There is more than one reason why these wineries are producing quality, award winning wine. You can sample any of more than two dozen as you make your way along the wine trail or attend a wine tasting as part of the general and generous offerings of the best in Wine and Beer tours.

Along the wine trail routes that wind their way through rocks, by glorious sand dunes that reach in undulating waves towards the sky, beside sky blue crystal clear waters and through miles of sweetly growing vines, you will discover the pleasures of wandering through wine growing country. You will come to understand why people return annually to follow the wine trails of northern Michigan and the Grand Traverse. It is all about providing pleasure to all the senses.

Wine and Beer Tours – The Breweries

While some may revel in the subtle bouquet of a fine wine or breathe in the aroma of a fruity concoction, others prefer the honest taste of beer. Wine and Beer tours do not let you down. While some may wander the wine trails, you can take part in the delight that hopping from one brewery and sampling their crafted micro or handcrafted brews brings.

Consider what is awaiting your taste buds at the various breweries along the way and in Traverse City itself. Using local ingredients to provide you with a taste of Northern Michigan, such beer crafters as Beggars Brewery and Rare Brewery Taproom, are there to ensure you understand what going local can really mean to the flavor and body of a beer.

From beer to wine and back again, Wine and Beer tours offer it all. They can provide you, your friends and loved ones, the chance to follow their favorite beverage. They let you savor the flavor of the best wine and beer in the country and have fun doing so.

If you want to enjoy the best in wine and beer tours, head to Wine and Beer. Here, you can arrange for one of the offered Wine and Beer Tours. Sign up and you will spend time enjoying the drink of your choice.

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