How to Write a Position Paper

How to Write a Position Paper

The question of how to write a position paper is one frequently raised by first-time model UN participants. For many, creating a position paper for the first time may seem intimidating, but there’s no need to fear this important component of model UN delegating. Below are some pointers for crafting the best position paper and coming away with a well researched result you can be proud of.

Know Your Basics

Despite the differences in committee, and the variety of sessions that participants may be involved in, many aspects of position paper writing are always the same. Some tricks to effectively write the best possible position paper include:

  • Do your homework. Knowing the topic and potential issues beforehand will help you come up with relevant information and a sensible argument for your nation’s stance on them.
  • Frame the topic in a way that makes it relevant to your country or block.
  • Suggest workable policies that can be used as part of the overall resolution.
  • State your country’s position on the matter at hand, including how this shaped your view of the issue and the relevance of the resolution to that view.
  • Use examples from your model UN preparation and research and include reviews or examples from the event’s discussion.

Think About Style

Knowing the basics of what needs to be included in your paper is not enough to bring it together successfully. Consider also the style of your paper, and how it will influence the way you compose. Some positions papers are only read by the chair while others will also be read by other delegates. Position papers should be short, simply-written and make their points inarguably clear. Doing this will help keep the focus on the information, rather than the writing skills or style of the author.

Once you know how to write a position paper, there’s little to stop you from becoming a successful and well-received model UN delegate. With a little practice and preparation – and a passion for making the planet a better place through problem solving and collaboration – you’ll make a positive difference starting with the words on your page.

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