Your Questions About Choosing The Right Air Conditioner Answered

Choosing the proper air conditioner for your home can be confusing because there are many variables to consider. Homeowners must decide on a size, the energy efficiency of the model, and where to place the unit. Before contacting a company that specializes in Air Conditioner installation, read the questions and answers below to learn more information.

Q.) How does a homeowner know what size of an air conditioner is needed for the home?

A.) The best way to determine the correct size of air conditioner that’s needed for the home is to contact a company that specializes in air conditioning systems. Before making a recommendation, the technician will take room measurements inside the home that include measuring the ceilings, walls, floors, and windows. The technician will also look at the amount of insulation that’s in the attic, crawlspace, and walls. The technician may also look at other factors to help with the recommendation including the amount of shade around the house and the color of the roof. After careful calculations, the technician will know what size of air conditioning unit is needed for the home.

Q.) Where is the best location for an outside air conditioning system?

A.) Homeowners should have their air conditioning system installed either on the east or north side of the home. The unit should not be situated where the sun directly shines on the air conditioner. There should be ample space around the entire unit so that it stays well ventilated. Homeowners should not plant trees, shrubs, or flowers within several feet of the air conditioner.

Q.) What types of air conditioners is the most energy efficient?

A.) When selecting an Air Conditioner from an experienced company, a homeowner can learn the energy efficiency of the unit by looking at the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER number. Energy efficient models that are new will have a SEER number of 13 or above. A higher SEER number means the unit is even more energy efficient.

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