Your Questions Answered About Self Storage In Baltimore

Individuals who need to store their personal belongings should contact a facility that provides self- storage in Baltimore. Storage units are a convenient and safe option for storing furniture and personal belongings. Individuals who have questions about storage rental should read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) Are self-storage units a safe place to store personal belongings?

A.) Self-storage units are completely safe because each renter keeps their own keys to the lock on their storage unit. For extra safety, many facilities have a fence around the perimeter, security lights and a gate at the entrance.

Q.) What types and sizes of units are available for rent at a storage facility?

A.) In addition to various sizes of outside units, many facilities also offer climate controlled units that are located inside a building. The temperature in these units are regulated so there isn’t an extreme rise and drop of temperatures throughout the year. Although items that are stored in an outside unit rarely become damaged due to temperature changes, people who need to store fragile and irreplaceable items, such as antique documents or books, should choose a climate controlled unit. Storage unit sizes vary, and many storage facility locations have numerous sizes of units to choose from. Smaller sized units are normally 4 feet by 4 feet while the largest units can be 39 feet by 28 feet.

Q.) Is it expensive to rent a storage facility to store personal belongings?

A.) Storage units are rented by the month and individuals are able to rent the unit only for as long as it’s needed. The prices vary depending on the size of the unit that’s rented, and the smaller sized units are less expensive than the large units. Most facilities that offer Self Storage In Baltimore have affordable prices and renting a storage unit is a convenient and safe method of storing large and small items.

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