Your Veterinarian In Chicago And Your Pet’s Nutrition

Your Veterinarian In Chicago And Your Pet’s Nutrition

If you have a pet, you are increasingly aware of the need for them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Veterinarians in Chicago understand the importance of nutrition. To this end, many vets provide this information to the owners of their canine patients. However, it is just as important each owner fully comprehends available options and their applicability. While veterinarians can offer advice, it is up to owners to determine what type of diet and kind of food to feed.

Dog Diets

At one time, all dogs survived off table scraps, what they could kill and what their owners could afford or. Over the years, this increasingly altered until today, when you can locate hundreds of different dog food on store shelves. Companies design their products to catch the eye of consumers and play on perceived and actual dietary dog requirements.

When looking at what is available, you need to consider your canine first. While a veterinarian in Chicago can recommend specific products or types of nutritional choices, you will need to make the decision. Consider the following aspects of your dog before choosing his or her food:

  • Age: How old is your dog? This can determine how much and the nutritional content, e.g., caloric level, of the dog food. Puppies need more; senior dogs less.
  • Breed: While some companies produce breed specific food, what matters is breed factors affecting energy level, potential digestive problems, etc.
  • Activity Level: How active is your dog?

These factors should help you when you look at what is available.

Nutrition, Your Dog and Veterinarians in Chicago

Your veterinarian in Chicago wants to help you keep your dog healthy. They will work with you to avoid the pitfalls of improper diet. However, you need to be an informed consumer advocate for your pet. Be sure you understand the ingredients. This will help you make the right choice since your pet can only vote with his or her stomach.

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