3 Benefits Provided by Experts Who Offer Antique Rug Repair in Manhattan

3 Benefits Provided by Experts Who Offer Antique Rug Repair in Manhattan

Antique rugs are fairly common in Manhattan homes. Many residents scour the Internet and visit auctions in search of original carpets that add charming, authenticate decorating touches to the area’s elegant homes. Unfortunately, original rugs are often worn, grimy and fragile. That does not stop those who understand the value of the flooring. They trust experts to provide Antique Rug Repair in Manhattan. Companies like The Golden Horn provide convenient estimates, old-word craftsmanship and a range of carpet services.

Services Are Customer Friendly

Established businesses offering antique rug repair in Manhattan go out of their way to help customers get the work done with as little inconvenience as possible. Clients can get estimates at sites like rugrestoration.com. Visitors simply choose a “click here” option that lets them upload pictures and descriptions of their rugs. The site includes detailed instructions. Experts then quote customers time and cost estimates for the work. They pick up and deliver carpets located in the tristate area.

Artisans Restore Damaged Rugs

Clients can arrange to have a wide variety of antique carpets cleaned or repaired by artisans. They use techniques passed down by generations of Middle Eastern rug makers. Repair specialists work closely with Turkish craftsman. In fact, when rugs need extensive repairs, customers can opt to have them sent to Turkey, where the work costs less. Artisans dye and remove excess pile from carpets. They reweave fabrics and then finish details to restore rugs to like-new condition. Artisans work with Aubussons as well as American hooked and Indian rugs. They can restore Persian, needle point, kilim, and silk rugs.

Repair Professionals Offer Value-Added Services

Customers also rely on antique carpet experts for a range of related services. The businesses buy and sell a variety of elegant new and antique Oriental rugs. They can restore water-damaged carpets, repair tears, remove pet stains, and re-size rugs. Artisans will clean very old wall hangings and tapestries without damaging them.

New York residents generally trust their antique rug cleaning to area specialists with Middle Eastern roots. These craftsmen can restore even severely damaged carpets to like-new condition. They also buy new and antique carpets and offer a range of services designed to keep rugs fresh and beautiful.

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