3 Hurdles to Overcome in Dental Office Construction

Building a quality dental office isn’t just all about following a few proper procedures, setting up a plan, and going at it – there are politics at play, local policies to consider, budgeting, material costs and sourcing, finding the right manpower and tools for the job, accommodating your extra wishes and thoughts on the project, and more.

Building an office – no matter for what industry – is nerve racking. But there are professionals who are more than capable of getting it all done in a timely manner with a reasonable quote and no major issues – so long as they can overcome those first initial steps on the way to project completion. These said hurdles include:

Construction delays.

Be sure to work with a company that has its plans and budget ready before getting a permit and taking up your building rent time and construction loans. Any delays in the issuance of a permit will turn into thousands wasted on costs of a stagnant office space, but all that can be eliminated with a crew that works closely with the local municipality to get things done.

Lack of space for expansion.

Make sure to work with dental construction experts – such as Petrucelli Contracting – that know to leave a lot of room for additions. With new technologies, a growing customer base and other possibilities, it’s important to leave some room for growth in your office.

Building quality.

When constructing an office, you’re not just facing the issues surrounding the construction of the office space – you also have to consider the state and quality of the building surrounding the office, as this is where all the related infrastructure is being stored.

Plumbing in particular is a very costly issue, and can end up tearing a hole through your budget if the space you earned ended up having a real problem with its pipes. As per Angie’s List, something as mundane as a slab leak can cost up to $3000. Always be sure that the building space you’ve rented is in a structurally-sound condition for construction.

As long as you work with a crew that can focus on these issues and give you 100%, you will have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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