3 Issues Requiring Digestive Disease Care in Queens, NY

Everyone gets a stomachache or experiences heartburn occasionally. But sometimes these issues are more than temporary struggles. Instead, they are symptoms of a larger issue that need to be addressed by a medical practitioner. Here are three digestive issues that require Digestive Disease Care in Queens NY.

Acid Reflux

Anyone that has tried a new spicy food has probably experienced some type of acid reflux. The body reacts to whatever was consumed and then acid comes back up into the throat or esophagus and cause an uncomfortable sensation. Unfortunately for some patients, this isn’t just something that happens as a result of spicy or unusual foods. Instead, this is something they experience on a regular basis. At a facility for Digestive Disease Care in Queens NY, patients can learn more about what causes reflux and undergo testing to see if changes in diet or the addition of medication can help.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Some patients suffer from overall inflammation in parts or all of their digestive tract. In addition, to conditions involving the stomach and issues with loose elimination, patients sometimes suffer from weight loss and fatigue. Because there are different types of inflammatory bowel disease, it is important to meet with a doctor that can go over the symptoms and offer the necessary testing in order to determine the exact problem. At that point, it is possible to manage the condition. While an upset stomach can occur every once in a while, when it becomes a frequent issue, it is important to seek out medical attention.

Colon Cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease that if left untreated, can be fatal. Even if the cancer hasn’t yet shown in symptoms, it is possible to take an early look and make sure that there are no problems. Colon cancer screening can be done in the office and provide patients with real peace of mind. If there are symptoms of digestive distress, patients need to seek out medical advice immediately. Some symptoms of colon cancer can be confused or mistaken for other digestive issues. A professional can provide a thorough examination and help create a treatment plan.

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