Waterproofing Roofs Protects Commercial Investments

Have you sustained water damage to your commercial, industrial or institutional facility? How about damage to existing building contents such as machinery, office equipment or other personal effects due to a leaky roof? For new construction, selecting the right waterproofing system will ensure a no-maintenance solution that builders can stand by for years to come.

Waterproofing roofs is costly but essential for creating a healthy environment free from allergens, molds, and bacteria. A dry roof maintains the structural integrity of the building — protecting support beams, walls, and flooring. Costly clean-up and repairs can be avoided with an investment in a customized waterproofing solution. Using commercially manufactured high-performance, and time-tested products will stop leaks and increase energy efficiency. That translates into cost savings.

A Quick Fix Equals a Long Term Problem

Have you located the source of the leak? Trying to determine waters point of entry takes time. Applying a sealant to the affected area maybe in vain especially if that’s not the sole entry point of your leak. The commercial waterproofing industry continues to keep pace with the latest research and technology producing superior commercial grade products. Today the roofing industry’s fastest growing waterproofing solution is Thermoplastic roofing also referred to as TPO.

TPOs are a liquid emulsion that can be applied to any style roof regardless of the slope. It creates an air-tight membrane that protects your roof from extreme weather and improves overall building energy efficiency. Whether its new or existing construction, working with your contractor to identify a TPO manufacturer will guarantee your roof remains dry for years to come. Talk to your roof contractor to determine the waterproofing solution that’s right for your project. Waterproofing roofs can prevent leaks and add years of protection to your commercial investment(s).

Dryer Days Ahead

Roofs come in all shapes, slopes and sizes. Brave the elements with a customized TPO roof solution. The flexible, reflective membrane withstands high and low temperatures, wind and punctures. The membrane is resistant to UV damage, fire, ozone or even chemical exposure. Commercial manufacturers recommend the use of a contractor for TPO roof application. They are the roofing experts and will work with building owners, consultants, specifiers, and engineers to determine the best commercial product solution. With an air-tight envelope, water is no longer an issue.

Protect Your Investment

Add years of protection against water damage, weather or chemical exposure. Improve energy efficiency to reduce HVAC costs. Provide a safe, healthy environment free of molds and allergens. You cannot control Mother Nature, El Nino or the polar vortex, but you can maximize the return on your investment with a commercial roofing solution that’s customized to your building or construction project.

Centrally located in Lindale, TX, Thermo Manufacturing Systems has been on the leading edge, providing commercial waterproofing and energy efficient roofing solutions since 1948. Visit website for more information.

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