3 Reasons You Should Be Glad Dial-Up Internet Is A Thing Of The Past

If you were born in the 1990’s or later you may not even know what I’m referring to. Back in the day, way back when the internet wasn’t as widely used as it is today, you actually had to dial it up on your telephone line and it would make a similar noise like a fax machine. That was dial-up internet service.

But thank goodness for technological advancement. Those days are now behind us and we don’t only have high-speed internet, but we’ve got wifi. If you’re wondering why dial-up internet service was so bad, keep reading.

1. The Essence of Speed
When first introduced, dial-up internet was rather exciting and revolutionary. However, the speed of this service soon proved to be anything but impressive. As the name of its successor implies, high-speed internet completely changed how we surf the web. No longer do you have to wait hours trying to download anything.

2. Multitasking Made Easy
Although some studies may show that multitasking isn’t always the most efficient way to go, holding up the phone lines to check your email meant that nobody else at home could use the landline phone. So if you were waiting for a special phone call, you wouldn’t even know you missed it as the caller would simply get a busy tone.

3. Save Time – Save Money
Because the dial-up internet service was much slower and doing anything took close to an eternity in today’s measures, the phone bill at the end of the month would be ridiculous. High-speed internet most certainly saves us time, and time is money.

Being on the cusp of technological advancements is something you want from your internet service provider which is why Safelink doesn’t only offer broadband internet service, but fiber internet too, to customers in southern Idaho. See which one suits your needs best by calling them today at 888 692-5776. Visit Safelink Internet to knoe more about dial-up internet in Rupert, Idaho. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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