3 Signs Your Pup Needs Dog Boot Camp Chicago

3 Signs Your Pup Needs Dog Boot Camp Chicago

You’ve heard the old adage “a dog is a man’s best friend,” but there’s sometimes you might have trouble believing it. Badly behaved dogs can be a big problem, not to mention a huge annoyance. The Chicago Canine Academy has a few signs that your dog needs Dog Boot Camp Chicago.

Watch for hyperactivity

Sure, it’s cute if a little puppy has a lot of energy, but it can be annoying or even hazardous if that amount of uncontrolled enthusiasm continues into a dog’s adulthood. Hyperactive dogs can be easily distracted from commands or habits you try to engrain into them. Likewise, they can be hard to catch if this wild excitement leads them on a merry chase through the neighborhood.

Beware dangerous aggressive tendencies

Even though most domesticbreeds of dogs aren’t the hunters they used to be, it’s hard to eliminate an instinct. Dogs can show aggression through growling, barking, or even chasing and biting, which can lead to serious action like hospitalization or court cases. True, some dogs will play with other dogs-;which can seem like fighting-;but you can tell when a canine really intends to do harm. This is an important behavior to keep an eye on. Dog Boot Camp Chicago can help you and your dog when it comes to being aggressive.

Recognize a lack of obedience

Many dogs need to be trained to listen to commands, but even after this, a persistent dog may still show signs of disobedience. Even when they know they shouldn’t do something, many often do it anyway. If a dog doesn’t listen to your commands, it may slip into further disobedience, even showing either of the two above traits. In a city like Chicago, it’s imperative to keep control over your pets.

These are just a few of many possible inconvenient and perhaps even dangerous behaviors that dogs can exhibit. If your dog shows any of these signs, then you should take action. The Chicago Canine Academy has professional trainers and an excellent reputation for training dogs to behave. If your pet needs help or training, go to Chicagocanineacademy.com for more information on action you can take.

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