3 Signs You’re Dealing with a Legit Fashion Studio

3 Signs You’re Dealing with a Legit Fashion Studio

See if this sounds familiar: You feel like it’s time to branch out and find a photo and video production studio that can have the resources and know-how to expand your brand in the fashion industry.

The problem is, you’ve got a lot of choices, and they all sound legit. However, after reading through online reviews and in chatting with others in the business, you quickly realize that some of those companies are more of a scam than a legitimate business.

So, how can you differentiate between the contenders and the pretenders? Here are three sure-fire ways to tell if the studio you picked is legit:

1) Money, money, money

First off, if any studio tells you they can’t/won’t work with you unless you pay them a fee to serve as your “agent,” that should serve as a big red flag. It’s easy to get roped into that, though, especially when they spend a lot of their time talking about how much money you’re going to make (which, by the way, is another red flag, because earning huge bucks is no given in the fashion industry). Of course, there could be some out-of-pocket costs, depending on what your project is (like, if you hire a photo/video production and rental studio). The bottom line: A legit studio isn’t going to demand money up front to act as your “agent.” (Think about it: what’s from stopping them from collecting your money and not seeking out work for you?). Likewise, a professional studio – one that’s accredited – will be honest and upfront with you about future endeavors.

2) We’ll Guarantee You Lots of Work!

If I sign up with your agency, what kind of earnings potential am I looking at? That’s the million dollar question, and it’s a legitimate one, too, especially when you’re thinking big picture and looking to connect your brand with national and international opportunities. Unfortunately, there’s just no legitimate way to answer that. Look for an agency that’s going to be open and honest with you. Remember, work can be sporadic in the fashion industry, even for the top professionals. So, anyone who guarantees you anything is likely more concerned with their bottom line – getting you to sign with them – rather than what’s actually in your best interest.

3) No Nudes!

As LiveAbout says, be leery of any studio that asks for nude or suggestive photo shoots, especially if it’s right off the bat. Like the site says in a recent blog post, an experienced model who’s done shoots like that is well aware of their best angles and how to pose. And while you might be asked to take photos in a bikini, for example, the photos will be catalog-style shoots, meaning PG-rated.

Ultimately, make sure you’ve checked out the company’s references, read through any available reviews (including word-of-mouth), and, as the Federal Trade Commission says, document everything before you decide to sign with an agency.

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