3 Things a Hearing Test Will Include

by | May 29, 2019 | Hearing and Listening Aids

Among the things you should have medically tested on a yearly basis are your ears. If you are seeing your doctor once a year, you are doing well. From there, most people are good about having their teeth examined once a year, too. Most people do not have their eyes and ears checked unless something is already amiss. If you work in hazardous to your hearing conditions, a yearly hearing test in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is highly recommended.

Here are three things a hearing test will include.

Medical History

When you have your ears medically tested, your doctor is going to go over your medical history. He wants to find out how often you have had your ears tested as well as the last time they were checked. He is also going to ask you about your current health and if you work in conditions that are potentially hazardous to the health of your ears. Construction workers, manufacturing workers and concert promoters are all susceptible to ear damage.


Your dentist examines the health of your mouth by visually inspecting what is happening with your teeth and gums. Then, he uses X-rays to see what is happening beneath the surface. During your ear exam, your ear and auditory canal will be visually examined. Then, he will perform a video otoscopy. You can also expect pure tone, middle ear and quiet noise tests.


Once the assessment is complete, your doctor will go over the results with you. If you are not putting your ears in hazardous conditions, you may feel like you have nothing to worry about. Checking is good.

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