Quality Electrical Contractors in Salem, OR

Electricity is what powers a home, and when the wiring in an electrical panel or outlet goes bad, it can cause serious issues. Out of date or faulty wiring can cause outlets to blow and damage internal wiring, the most serious is an electrical fire that can cause homeowners loss of property. When homeowners experience issues with wiring, they are going to need an experienced licensed Electrical Contractor Salem OR.

Homes more than 20 years old should have an electrician look at the panel to make sure that the wires running to the breaker box have not been affected by an electrical surge over time. Another reason older homes should have an electrical upgrade is keeping the panel box up to current building code. Homeowners who want to add on to a home will require updating the electrical panel for the additional space to pass inspection according to the building permit. An electrician has tools and specified equipment to test and find lines that are going bad.

An Electrical Contractors in Salem OR will assist customers in upgrading their homes wiring, adding new outlets, or replacing a panel box if a replacement is needed. There are times when faulty electrical lines leading to the house can go bad and cause power surges that will damage a breaker box; in cases like this a licensed, bonded and insured electrician is required to replace the breaker box and test all the lines within the home. Electricians have the ability to file for building permits and arrange for the county or city inspector to verify the work. Replacement of an electrical panel can start at about $2100 and go up from there depending on the number of wires that need to be replaced leading to outlets and light switches.

Safety Electric Inc. is a company offering superior services for any customers electrical issues. They pride themselves on being fast, friendly and reliable. They handle all primary electrical concerns and will assist in making sure a customer’s electrical wiring is in good order. Their electricians offer upgrades to breaker boxes, rewiring outlets and light switches and can install new lighting systems.

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