Meet the High Demands of Your Customers with First-rate XRF Tubes

Meet the High Demands of Your Customers with First-rate XRF Tubes

Geochemistry, metals, artifacts, paintings, and ceramic materials are a few reasons that materials are barraged with gamma rays in various investigative and research industries. The process is used to send short waves of high-energy to ionize the module particles to separate the electrons from the inside of an atom. This provides a way to determine the elemental structure of the material without destroying the artifact or material being investigated. It can be challenging to separate the atom and requires a machine with an XRF tube designed to meet the high demands required by the equipment.

Offer Dependable Machinery

When it comes to investigating various types of materials to conduct research on an artifact or various objects, it requires a machine that can stand up to the continuous operation to separate the atom. The industries that use this type of equipment require machines that will operate efficiently without overheating and destroy the material in the process. With an XRF tube used in the machine, it can produce the x-ray fluorescence or gamma rays to eject the electrons that are held tightly on the inside of an atom. If the machine does not operate correctly or starts to overheat from the constant use, it can jeopardize the integrality of the material. Which can delay the process of the investigation or destroy the artifact that is being researched.

Prevent Arcing and Produce Machines that Operate Nonstop

Micro X-Ray Inc. develops high-quality x-ray tubing to meet the specifications of their clients. They offer products that transfer core heat to the outside to prevent the machinery from malfunctioning. By installing their product into your equipment, you can provide your clientele with the dependable machinery required to successfully investigate various types of material without destroying the artifacts or object. Like us on our facebook page.

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