Concrete Repair In Sydney: Considerations

by | May 30, 2019 | Concrete Contractor

When most people think of concrete repair in Sydney, they think of mixing new concrete and slapping it over the crack or problem. While it does work and it can protect the property or area, it’s likely that the concrete won’t be waterproof anymore. Even if you could seamlessly add the new concrete to the old one, you’re going to worry about longevity and reliability. If you’ve constantly got water and other liquids flowing through the channel, it’s imperative that you have the right tools to fix the issue and keep it waterproof to prevent cross-contamination and other problems.

Concrete repair in Sydney should be a simple fix that is permanent and long-lasting. While most people choose to use epoxy or polyurethane foam, that is primarily used for sidewalks and driveways. If you have a waterway or channel made of concrete that holds water or moves it, you need a waterproof concrete liner. It’s the best tool to have because it uses a polymer-cementitious coating that’s bonded with non-woven or woven geofabric. You lay it down and wet it a bit, and it forms a waterproof seal with the current concrete system. It won’t shift, and it covers cracks and crumbling concrete effectively.

Infrastructure Technologies Australia offers a variety of products, some of which can be used for concrete repair in Sydney. Aquaseal and Aqualiner products are best suited to the task. The Aqualiner is a coating bonded to geofabric to be used as a waterproof liner for concrete while the Aquaseal product is actually a remediation system for concrete. It includes Polyfill to repair mortar with the Aquaseal product to waterproof the system. The Aquaseal Tough is a rigid, high-build waterproof membrane that can also be used where needed. The last product is the Crème, which protects your concrete from chloride ion attacks and water ingress.

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