3 Things to Consider Before Shopping For Engagement Rings in Colorado Springs.

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Business & Economics

Getting down on one knee and asking the woman of your dreams for her hand in marriage is probably going to be one of the most nerve racking things you ever do in your life. While worrying about the proposal is hectic in itself, stressing about the ring is also another factor many men get anxious about. Fear not: these three little tid-bits of information can help you pick the right engagement rings in Colorado Springs:

Be Financially Realistic

Perhaps you’ve heard time and time again that the cost of an engagement ring should be equal to three months of work salary. To be honest, this is unrealistic for most, and the financial pressure you will put on yourself can be overwhelming. Instead, be realistic when it comes to a budget. Determine what you can afford to spend on the ring and stick to it. Whether you can afford a ring equal to a month of salary or even two weeks of salary, it’s the thought that actually counts. The right woman will marry you because of her love, and it will not be because of how much the bling ends up costing.

Be Secretive

Never ask a soon-to-be fiance her ring size. Remember, the proposal is supposed to be a surprise. If she’s asked her size, she will catch on. Instead, secretly sneak into her jewelry box and grab a ring she doesn’t frequently wear. Take that ring to the jeweler and have the jeweler size it. You then will know her ring size. While in her jewelry box, take a few snapshots of the types of rings in there. This will give a good idea of what styles and cuts she prefers, and can prove to be helpful when picking out the right ring for her.

Know the Rules

When shopping for engagement rings in Colorado Springs, know the rules of diamonds. Always choose a clearer and better cut over a carat amount. Never choose a color grade below H, as this will be too yellow. Never choose a cut grade below ‘good’; this will prove to lack in sparkle and shine. If your sweetheart doesn’t truly prefer diamonds, choose a different type of stone like an emerald or sapphire. Try to pick a ring that complements her own individual style.

Follow these three tips to help you find the perfect enagement ring for your soul mate.

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