Injury Lawyers Can Help an Injured Individual Recover the Financial Damages They Deserve

Injury Lawyers Can Help an Injured Individual Recover the Financial Damages They Deserve

When someone is injured due to the negligence of others, the financial fallout can be devastating to them. Injury lawyers help individuals work through the insurance paperwork and regain the money that was paid out for medical bills and the lost wages from not being able to work; also they will help the individual get compensation for the pain and suffering they had endured. The attorney will be compassionate and understanding of the individual’s pain and fight the insurance company for the maximum amount of money obtainable under the law.

Insurance companies will have people call an injured party shortly after being injured by a fall, car accident or any other type of accident that resulted in injury as an attempt to obtain information about the health condition of the individual. If the injured party answers any questions based off the current moment, that information could be used against them in the future. An example would be if the injured party tells the insurance company that they are feeling better, they will then begin to question why therapy needs to continue for months or why a surgical procedure needs to be performed.

Injury lawyers can protect the injured party from the tactics of insurance companies to limit the payout for an injury claim, and they can suggest possible doctors that may be able to help with their particular type of injury. They will also ensure that replacement of a car takes place. Insurance companies will try to offer a minimal amount of money for replacing a car that has been totaled, resulting in the injured party having to purchase a car that is not as nice or reliable as their previous car. Losing the use of a car when an injured party has to get to medical appointments for proper treatment of their injuries creates a further burden on them.

Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas LLP has the experience in personal injury law that is needed in order to win an injured party’s case. Just hiring any attorney will not give the injured party the representation that an attorney with vast experience in injury cases is able to.

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