When a Spousal Support Lawyer in Torrance, CA May Be Beneficial

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When couples get divorced, the court sometimes requires one party to pay the other spousal support, also known as alimony. Unless the couple comes to an agreement on their own or there’s a prenuptial agreement that details spousal support obligations, the court often determines whether and how much alimony is required. Hiring a Spousal Support Lawyer in Torrance CA can be helpful if your divorce lawyer doesn’t handle spousal support or your ex is not meeting the spousal support requirements set by the court.

Who Qualifies for Spousal Support

The court will typically take into account a number of factors when determining spousal support. These include how long the relationship lasted, whether one partner makes a significantly greater amount of money, how well each partner would be able to support themselves, and the ages and conditions of the people involved. In some cases, even people who can take care of themselves may be awarded spousal support. For instance, if one person worked to put the other person through school and then that person left them right afterward, a Spousal Support Lawyer in Torrance CA may be able to get that person what’s called reimbursement alimony.

Length of Spousal Support

The judge will determine how much and how long spousal support will last. It may be temporary-;just long enough for a person to be able to take care of themselves-;or it could be permanent. In either case, this support is typically revoked if the person receiving the support remarries or either person dies. In some cases, becoming involved in a relationship with someone else who is helping to provide support could cause spousal support to be revoked even without marriage.

How Spousal Support Is Inforced

Spousal support is a court order, so people need to use the same mechanisms used to enforce any other type of court order. This could mean having a contempt of court proceeding to make the other person pay. However, unlike child support, spousal support can’t be enforced through liens or wage garnishment.

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