Understanding the Role of a Fugitive Recovery Agent in Bail Bond Services in Oklahoma

by | May 7, 2019 | Lawyers

When a defendant skips out on bail, they are not home free. Bail bond services in Oklahoma retain the right to attempt to locate the defendant and bring them before the court. Most services of this type rely on a fugitive recovery agent, otherwise known as a bounty hunter, for this task. What is the role of this agent in the legal system?

Who Hires the Bounty Hunter?

Many bail bond agencies now keep one or more fugitive recovery agents on staff. However, some agencies opt to outsource this task, so it simply depends on what the agency being used has chosen. However, the person who obtained the bond on behalf of the defendant may also choose to work with a professional of this type to ensure they are not held fiscally responsible for the defendant’s failure to appear in court.

What Fugitive Recovery Agents Do

Fugitive recovery agents are given access to many resources in their search for an absent defendant. They often run background checks, review surveillance footage, or turn to criminal record files to look for clues as to where the defendant may be hiding. Also, they speak to those familiar with the defendant, including friends, family, and fellow workers in their search. One major advantage the bounty hunter has is that they don’t need a search warrant to enter premises in search of a defendant.

What Is Allowed Under the Law

Bounty hunters don’t have free rein, however. They must operate under the laws of the state. For example, some states require fugitive recovery agents to obtain a license before operating in the state. Other regulations are likely in place regarding what is permitted and what is not. For example, a bounty hunter can only arrest a defendant who has failed to appear in court, not anyone who may have been helping them during this flight from justice.

Contact A Absolute Bail Bonds to learn more about fugitive recovery agents and how they help agents who provide bail bond services in Oklahoma when a defendant goes missing. Don’t assume this person is out to harm the defendant in any way; their only goal is to recover the defendant and ensure their appearance in court.

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