3 Tips for Successful Tree Planting in Carmel, IN

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Landscaping

A large tree that grows in the yard can provide lots of shade, add to the look of the property, and even be the perfect location for the kids to play. But before anything can happen, a homeowner needs to plant the tree. While tree planting in Carmel IN may seem basic, there are lots of things to take into consideration and plan for to ensure the long life and health of the tree. Because of the responsibility, many people turn the task over to the pros. If you aren’t sure that planting your own tree is your best option, click here.

Choosing the Tree

Not all trees are created equal. Some are going to have a better chance with lots of sunlight in warmer temperatures. Others are going to be able to deal with the changing of the temperature. Once a tree has been selected and purchased, be sure to create an area for the tree to be planted in a timely manner. While most trees will be okay for a short amount of time before planting, if a tree with bare roots has been purchased, it is important to plant it as soon as possible.

Have a Plan Before Digging a Hole

Many property owners just start digging a hole and don’t really consider the dimensions or how the tree is actually going to fit in the space. As a general rule, the hole for the tree should be about three times the diameter of the container the tree was in or the root ball. The depth needs to be about one and a half times the length of the root ball or container. This leaves a little bit of room at the bottom for things like peat moss. While these measurements don’t need to be exact, they should be pretty close.

Consider Staking the Tree

New trees take time to mature into strong and beautiful plants. If there is a chance that the tree could struggle to stand alone, don’t be afraid to add a stake to the tree. This keeps the plant upright and prevents things like strong winds from breaking the trunk or pulling the tree out and exposing the roots.

Remember, tree planting in Carmel IN is setting the foundation for a lovely tree. If it doesn’t sound like something you want to take on, be sure to contact a local professional.

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