3 Tips to Find a Lawyer After Sustaining an Injury

Finding a reliable injury lawyer in Virginia takes patience and research. A simple Google search isn’t going to yield someone you can automatically trust, so it’s important to review an attorney’s qualifications and track record. If you’ve been injured, to win in court you’ll need a seasoned lawyer to handle your case. Here are three tips on how to find one.

1. Look at Their Case Record

A good injury lawyer will have a solid roster of clients who have had success with their cases. You can find this information on the website. A different approach is to read user reviews on sites like Yelp! and see what other average people are saying. The main takeaway is by reviewing a lawyer’s record, and the quality of their relationships with clients is an indicator of how successful your case will be.

2. The Price of a Consultation

Many lawyers offer a free consultation to go over the basic details of your case to assess whether it’s worth pursuing. If you’re paying out of pocket for a consultation, it should be with a lawyer you’ve already decided you want to work with. Many firms offer free consultation appointment set-ups right on their website, which means you can schedule more than one if you want some variety.

3. Possible End Results

There’s a chance that a lawyer actually won’t want to take your case if they feel it isn’t strong, since most personal injury cases rely on contingency, according to All Law. In other words, the lawyer only gets paid if you win. It’s possible that your case is too weak to win in court, and if the attorney you’re dealing with says as much, it’s likely true. However, if you’re convinced otherwise, you can always seek a second opinion.

There are many attorneys who might be happy to take on a strong case. However, you need to be careful since you also don’t want to squander your chances at compensation. Make sure that your lawyer has a solid track record and positive client reviews before proceeding.

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