3 Ways that a Helicopter Charter Soars over Public Transportation

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Travel

If your trip to the airport is always marred by the angst of public transportation, perhaps you should consider traveling there by other means. In major cities such as New York, constant delays might make you wonder if you will make it to check-in on time. Sometimes these delays even make you wonder if you will make your flight at all.

It’s no wonder that charter helicopter flights to the airport have experienced growth in recent years. The logistics definitely explain this surge. With a helicopter charter, you will arrive in a heliport at the airport. All that is left to do at this point is to wait for the surface transportation to quickly take you to your terminal. Sounds better than feeling helpless while sitting in a subway car, doesn’t it? Here are three other ways that helicopter charter flights soar over public transportation.

The Schedule Is Yours
The major burden of public transportation is that it is not within your control, so you really have no idea when you will arrive at the flight terminal. During non-peak hours, for instance, travel frequently involves waiting longer for a train or bus. What happens when that train or bus is late? You miss all other connections, eventually arriving later at the airport and possibly even missing your flight altogether. With a helicopter charter company, it is very different. You control the schedule when you arrange the charter. All you have to do is make sure that you arrive at the heliport ahead of time.

Streamlined Logistics
Compared to public transportation, a helicopter airport charter offers far better efficiency. For one, a helicopter never gets stuck in traffic. In a city as large as New York, yellow cab parking lots are commonplace. This is not a parking lot for a yellow cab. Rather, it consists of yellow cabs all over the road, sitting at a standstill and making it appear like a parking lot. In your chartered helicopter, you could whiz over such a scene.

One of the biggest complaints of public transportation users is the restriction of routes. Subway lines and buses journey to one flight terminal at the area, while another travels to the other side of the city. This is particularly pronounced in New York – a metropolitan area that uses three international flight terminals plus a number of municipal ones across its perimeter. Rather than end up limited by routes and schedules to the airport you need, the helicopter charter will take you to virtually any airport. It can also transfer you between airports.

A chartered helicopter flight suits your schedule, offers streamlined logistics and convenience. It is no wonder charter helicopters are soaring above every other option.

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