4 Advantages of Residential Boiler Systems Installed by Heating Contractors in Appleton WI

Not all heating and cooling technicians work with boiler systems, so homeowners who want to have a radiant heating system installed need to find Heating Contractors in Appleton WI who do this work. Homeowners in Wisconsin typically rely on gas-fueled furnaces for heat, whether those appliances are powered by natural gas or liquid propane. Boiler systems can run on gas too, although some are fueled by wood. Radiant heat has several advantages that lead homeowners to make this choice.

Clean Heat

There’s no doubt about it; forced-air furnaces result in a certain amount of dust coming from the vents. That may be a minute amount, but it does accumulate as the days go by. In contrast, radiant heat doesn’t require any blowing air throughout the house. This also reduces the level of pollen and other allergens that would otherwise be blowing from the vents.

Even Heat

Radiant systems as installed by Heating Contractors in Appleton WI retain their warmth at an even level, whereas furnaces blow warm air through vents for several minutes and then stop. The rooms cool down a little bit before the furnace turns on once more. This can be a noticeable change even if the temperature only varies by a degree or so.

Warm Floors

Some boiler systems bring hot water to baseboard radiators, while others have pipes or tubes under the floors. Either way, floors tend to stay cozy and warm, but especially so with the under-floor system. That’s a very appealing feature on cold winter days.


The main disadvantage of a boiler system is the length of time it takes for the temperature to change when someone turns up the thermostat. Heating the water takes significantly longer than heating air does. The home’s residents typically don’t want to turn the temperature down to 58 or 60 degrees when they leave for work as they might with a forced-air furnace. However, boiler systems are more energy-efficient because there’s no duct work, and homeowners save money that way. Technicians with a company such as Four Seasons Heating & Cooling Specialists Inc. can answer any questions people have about residential boiler systems.

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