4 Most-Common Watch Issues

As it will come to servicing a timepiece, it is simple to get swept up by demands of delicate mechanical movements. Although it might seem like it’s acceptable to take a “set it and then forget it” attitude regarding your battery-powered watch, a quartz timepiece has its own servicing needs. Keep in mind, even if something major tends to be off, it is likely that with a little tender-loving-care, the battery-powered timepiece might soon be good as new. Here are answers to some frequent questions that our watch repair service in Memphis TN get about timepieces that have quartz movements.

My watch stopped. Why?

Step one includes seeing if the battery must be replaced. Many watch batteries are made to last around 2 years, yet some quartz timepieces are made to have a prolonged battery life, as well as batteries for those watches may last up to 3 or more years. (Many of those watches don’t have second hands.) Get a watch service technician to check the watch’s battery.

My second hand is skipping multiple seconds at a time. Why?

According to our watch repair service in Memphis TN experts, it’s a battery end-of-life sign. Watches that have this feature possess electronic circuits which detect when a battery voltage is getting low. The circuitry will make the second hand erratically move forward to alert a wearer that it’s time to replace its battery. Putting in a new battery ought to restore a watch’s life in order for the second hand to normally advance again.

The second hand will tick back and forth in one spot, yet the watch does not run.

It might be a sign that the watch is electronically functioning, yet the mechanical portion isn’t. The watch movement more than likely must be serviced. Though there are a number of conditions causing this malfunction, it usually is corrected by full maintenance.

The watch runs fine when I do not wear it, yet as soon as I do, it stops.

According to our watch repair service in Memphis TN professionals, it’s a common issue, and indicates that the electronic circuitry might possess a defect. One of the issues causing this to occur may be explained utilizing the principles of fundamental physics. Expansion happens as there’s a rise in temperature. In this instance, the electronic circuit might have a defect or bad contact within. As the watch is off of the wrist, as well as at room temperature, all the circuits and contact points properly function. But, as the watch is being worn, an individual’s body temperature may cause a small expansion, potentially breaking the connection of the circuit. The circuit needs to be replaced in addition to regular maintenance.

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