4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Car Accident Law Firm in Harrisburg

If a person takes time to learn about the claims system, they may be able to handle a routine auto accident claim alone. The important thing is to determine which cases can be settled without help, and which require a car accident law firm in Harrisburg. Before deciding to handle a claim, a client should think of the five factors below.

Is Fault an Issue?

Where auto accident fault is up for debate, a victim will receive no compensation if he or she cannot prove that the other person was responsible. If fault is to be disputed, especially if the case goes to court and technical evidentiary rules are applied, there’s too much risk in handling a case alone. Here, the client should consult an accident attorney.

What are the Expenses for Lost Wages and Medical Bills?

A person may be able to settle their own claim if they only have a few thousand in out-of-pocket costs, but they should hire a lawyer if they have expenses in excess of $10,000 or more. The client must decide when the case is too much to handle, as every case is different.

How Serious Were the Injuries and What is the Prognosis?

If a person suffers a serious injury that has lasting effects, they may have a large claim and they should hire a lawyer for professional representation. When an injury will affect a person for the rest of his or her life, a lawyer can help them protect their rights while getting the compensation they deserve.

Will the Case go to Court?

If the case must go to court and alternative dispute resolution methods can’t be used, the client may need an attorney who knows the rules of the local courts. When a person has a local attorney on his or her side, they can protect their rights and have a fair chance of winning the case.

If a client does not have the time to settle an accident claim, they should contact us to hire a car accident law firm in Harrisburg as soon as possible after the event. By knowing when to hire legal representation, an accident victim has the greatest chance at a successful recovery.

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