4 Reasons To Opt For Used Siemens Equipment Over New

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Laboratory Equipment

Buying new equipment for a lab is a costly decision. New equipment does have advantages, but these advantages are often not as beneficial as they may seem at first glance. The key is to buy used equipment from a reputable, established and trusted used and refurbished instrumentation and equipment company.

Siemens is a recognized name in the testing equipment industry. With products in operation around the globe in small testing labs through to major research facilities, this is a company with a focus on technology, automation in testing and highly precise and accurate results.

When choosing refurbished or used Siemens equipment, there are four reasons that used tops new when it comes to adding equipment to a lab. In understanding these factors, lab managers can make the best choices for testing capacity, quality and cost.

Automation for Accuracy

With bar code readers, automated testing and analysis processes, easy control and continuous sample loading, these systems are designed to increase productivity in analysis and provide full verification of all results throughout the process.

Automation also means less staff is needed in a lab, meaning lower lab overhead. Many of the models of used Siemens equipment also provide automation in maintenance and monitoring, alerting technicians to avoid any issues in the operation of the system.

Increased Workflow

With both the countertop and the standalone systems, Siemens makes models that offer the testing capacity required for the lab. This allows the purchase of used Siemens equipment that meets the needs of the lab in both size and testing abilities.


Not all companies offering used equipment also provide financing. For startup labs or labs on limited budgets, financing through a third-party is a cost-effective and simple way to extend payments over time rather than paying immediately.

Warranty Considerations

While used equipment may not be sold with a warranty, refurbished Siemens equipment typically has a warranty through the seller. Always check the terms of the warranty and the reputation of the seller to get the best possible deal.

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