4 Signs That a Vehicle Needs Automatic Transmission Repair in Jenison MI

by | May 20, 2016 | Autos Repair

Like all other car problems, it’s best to take care of transmission issues before they turn into major defects. Automatic Transmission Repair in Jenison MI can be complex and costly, and it’s good to pay attention to things that seem unusual. Below are several symptoms of transmission failure.

Dark Fluid/Burning Smell

It is important for drivers to periodically assess the color, condition and smell of transmission fluid. This important lubricant protects moving parts inside the transmission, ensuring that they don’t overheat. Transmission fluid should not have a burnt odor, nor should it be excessively dark in color. Burnt transmission fluid loses its lubricant properties, and it can cause premature failure. Fluid should be changed roughly every 30,000 miles; if it’s been much longer than that, take the car in for service before attempting a DIY fluid and filter change.

Noise in Neutral

Most don’t think a transmission can make noise when it’s in neutral, but a problem with the oil pump can cause noise in any gear. Similar problems can happen if the transmission’s oil filter is plugged. If the driver notices the noise when the vehicle is in neutral, they should have the transmission checked as soon as possible.

Gear Slippage

If the vehicle revs over 3500 RPM, delays when accelerating, will not shift into reverse or is difficult to put into gear, the transmission is slipping. This doesn’t necessarily indicate impending failure, but it does mean that the transmission should be evaluated right away. Gear slippage can be the result of low fluid levels, or it can be due to a bad torque converter or shift solenoid.

Red Fluid Under the Vehicle

The simplest way to observe a transmission issue is to look for spots of red fluid under the car, toward the back of the engine. If a leak is found, the vehicle should be brought in for service immediately.

Vehicle transmissions are designed to give years of dependable operation, but they still need regular maintenance and occasional repair. The technicians at Bob’s Transmission will be glad to talk to the driver about proper maintenance scheduling for any vehicle, and they can handle all Automatic Transmission Repair in Jenison MI. If one suspects transmission failure, they should visit bobstransmissionswmi.com to schedule an appointment right away.

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