Redesigning Your Storefront With Layne Glass Services

Remodeling your storefront design is like giving your business a face lift. Without doing any major construction, you can get the look and feel of a new and improved building. Storefront Glass Contractors can help you determine the best design to brighten your business’s public face. The example below demonstrates what a difference a new storefront design can make.

A shoe store in the downtown area of a small city has been in business for over forty years, and its storefront design has remained consistent for most of that time. A small display window set just at eye level in a brick facade holds a pair of highly-polished loafers. To the right of it, a black-framed glass door admits customers. It’s not an especially attractive design, but the store has its loyal customers who don’t really pay attention to the appearance of the storefront. However, as some of those loyal customers move away, the store’s profits begin to decline.

A consultant advises the owner to spruce up the store front with a new design. He or she hires Storefront Glass Contractors who take out the small display window and replace it with one that covers about half the store’s width. The glass is framed in bright aluminum, as is the new glass door. The glass itself is highly reflective of the lovely scenery on the opposite side of the street-;dogwoods in bloom and blue sky. A bright new sign with the store’s name and logo is displayed above the door.

Soon, new customers visit the store, asking questions like, “How long have you been here?” or “I never noticed a shoe store here before.” They come inside to check out the displays they see in the big new window or simply to check out what seems to be the new business in town. The natural light that floods in through the glass brightens up the interior of the store as well, and customers like what they see.

If you are considering hiring Storefront Glass Contractors to improve your business’s storefront design, check out Layne Glass Services. They have been in the glass business for over 70 years and come highly recommended.

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