Reviewing The Law With A Sexual Assault Lawyer

Reviewing The Law With A Sexual Assault Lawyer

Under Kansas law, victims of sexual assault and related crimes are protected. These laws enforce the strictest criminal penalty for these heinous crimes. With the hefty penalties for the crimes, it is vital for the state to acquire evidence to prove fault without reasonable doubt. Individuals who are wrongfully accused of these criminal infractions need a sexual assault lawyer to build a credible defense.

Reviewing Sexual Battery

Sexual battery involves touching a victim in a sexual manner without consent. It defines the purpose of these actions as a method of establishing self-sexual gratification. Under this law, victims are sixteen years of age or older. It could also include offensive touching that isn’t sexual in nature without the consent of the victim.

What Is Aggravated Sexual Battery

Sexual assault is increased to aggravated sexual battery when certain conditions apply. This includes overpowering the victim or utilizing fear to acquire sexual contact. It is also aggravated if the victim cannot defend themselves due to physical impairment or unconsciousness. It includes any patient that is mentally ill or intoxicated. The classification applies to sexual assault that cannot be classified as rape. Forced oral sex is included in this classification.

What Is Considered Rape Under Kansas Law?

Rape is classified as forced sexual intercourse. The classification applies if the attacker used force or coercion to achieve this infraction. It applies to any victim who is fifteen years or older. If the victim cannot provide legal consent to intercourse it is considered rape. This includes the mentally ill or intoxicated.

The infraction is increased to aggravated rape if the victim is under the age of fifteen. Under Kansas law, any individual who is under the age of fifteen cannot provide legal consent. The age of the child could change the classification to child sexual abuse.

Any individual convicted of these infractions is required to register as a sex offender upon their release from prison. They may face penalties that could range up to 41 years in prison. The fines could range up to $300,000. Anyone who is facing these charges must hire a sexual assault lawyer by visiting us for further information today. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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