Fixing Foam Roofing in Norman

When someone has foam roofing on their home or business, they will want to tend to any areas where there are rips rather quickly to avoid leaking inside the building. Foam rooftops can be repaired by a service that handles Roofing in Norman. This is the best way to make sure the roof is professionally repaired, so water does not make its way to the interior of the structure.

First, the roofing company will assess the damage by walking along the top of the roof to look for areas where rips or tears are apparent. They will note the type of foam that was used to construct the roof, as the same type will need to be used to make the repair. The roofing company may clean down the entire roof before they tend to repairs. This will help their materials to adhere as well as help them find additional areas where repair is needed. They will use a pressure washer for this portion of their job. After the roof has dried, they can tend to the repair work.

Any rips found need to be sealed using a foam caulk. The roofing service will apply the material inside each crack and wait for it to harden before covering the existing roof with a new layer of foam. The caulk will be spread over each rip so it creates a seal over the crevice so moisture does not make its way inside. The foam is put on with a sprayer and can be quite odorous, so it is best that people are not inside the building during this part of the job. This will help keep them safe from inhaling the foam spray. A layer of sealant will be applied to the roof after the foam spray has dried in its entirety.

If someone wishes to have a service come repair foam Roofing in Norman, they can contact a reliable roofing contractor in the area. The service will come take a look at the damage and give an estimate before starting the repair work. Contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment if desired.

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