4 Signs You’re Dealing with a Dodgy Moving Company

4 Signs You’re Dealing with a Dodgy Moving Company

Moving day can involve a ton of tiresome details. Hire trustworthy furniture movers in Santa Monica so you can cross this off your list of worries. Here’s how to tell if you’re working with a bad moving company:

Too cheap

You want a deal. That’s all right. But don’t compromise quality over cost. There are plenty of movers out there that charge affordable, reasonable rates. All it takes is research and time to find them. If you stumble on an unbelievable deal, that could be a scam waiting to happen. If the final quote is 20 or 30 percent lower than all the companies on your list, give that company a wide berth and check out the next name on your list.

Little information

Reliability and trustworthiness matter a lot in this business. The best furniture movers in Santa Monica understand that. That’s why they’ll want to provide you with a lot of information on their site to help you decide. If the information you get from the company is sparse, you could be dealing with a sketchy company, says U.S. News.

Quotes over the phone

Credentials look good on paper but meeting the movers face to face is equally important. If the movers show up late, look unprofessional and reek of alcohol, that doesn’t exactly inspire a vote of confidence in you. You’ll want to hire someone else instead. That’s the importance of meeting up with a prospective mover before hiring them to get the job done. If they refuse to meet up, that could be a possible red flag.

Bad ratings and reviews

Go online and check out reviews and feedback on the company. If a pile of complaints pop up on your search results, it might be a wise move to simply look for another company to help you with your move.

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