4 Tips for Building a Solid Working Relationship with Your Cleaning Staff

4 Tips for Building a Solid Working Relationship with Your Cleaning Staff

Can’t seem to find that much time to clean your room, not to mention your home? No one wants to live in a pigsty, surrounded by dirt and grime. So why not consider professional home cleaning services instead? If this is your first time hiring one, here’s a helpful list of pointers from Reader’s  Digest on how you could start a good, solid working relationship with your cleaning staff:

1. Don’t step on the clean floor seconds after they’ve been cleaned. Your cleaners take pride in their work. And when they see you stepping on the floor just seconds after they’ve scrubbed off the stains and polished the wood to a shine, it could be seen as inconsiderate and annoying. You can step on your floors as much as you like as soon as the door closes behind your cleaning crew. But when they’re still there, make an effort not to mess up the freshly mopped floors or bathrooms.

2. Give advance notice in case you’re moving and no longer need their services. If you find yourself changing addresses, make sure your cleaners aren’t one of the last to know. Give them at least a month’s notice. This way, they can get their affairs and schedules in order too. In addition, this gives them enough time to start looking for work or accept more job opportunities with other clients once their contract with you is completed.

3. Kindness goes a long way. Sometimes leaving out a small token to show them how much you appreciate their help can make a huge difference in their commitment and devotion to the job. This is also one way to keep your cleaning crew satisfied and happy. By showing them you appreciate the work they do, they’ll be more motivated to provide you with the best service possible.

4. Pay attention to the little things. Make an effort to notice the little things they do to brighten up your home. Do they arrange the curtains with a tasteful bow? Leave the ends of toilet paper in a neat tiny triangle? Mention how much you love these things to them. By providing your cleaners with positive feedback, you help them improve their performance in a big way.

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