4 Tips for Choosing The Right Carpet Color

4 Tips for Choosing The Right Carpet Color

The next time you’re planning an interior design revamp, pay special attention to the art of carpet installation for your West Valley City home. Choosing the right carpet and having it properly installed can make a massive difference in the appearance, mood, and impression of your home. Perhaps the most challenging question that homeowners struggle with is: “Which carpet color should I choose?”

While there’s no singular correct answer to this question, there are a few things you should keep in mind during your consideration.

  1. Is the room getting the carpet makeover large or small? If the room is small and you’re hoping to open it up, lean towards lighter colors that will make the room seem larger. On the other hand, darker colored carpet can tone down a room that seems too large and give it a hint of small-home coziness.

  2. HGTV encourages you to consider the lighting conditions in the room where you plan to install your new carpet. Rooms filled with natural light will better showcase a carpet’s true color, and rooms without as much outside light (on the north side of the house, for instance) can benefit from having a lighter carpet. Darker colored carpets in these dark rooms can mean that the color you choose will look much darker once installed.

  3. Ask yourself how much traffic the room will get. Will children be playing? Is there a risk for spills? Will it be easy to trudge in dirt and debris from outside? Lighter colors will be more challenging to keep clean, so plan ahead!

  4. Finally, you may want to choose a flecked carpet rather than a solid color. The Spruce maintains that carpets with Berber flecks have more personality and are great for those who are fond of hiding bits and pieces of dirt or dust that might escape between carpet cleanings and vacuum day.

Carpet installation experts at Utah Flooring & Design in West Valley City are ready to show you a myriad of options for your new carpets, and they can help you pick the perfect color and style for your home.

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