You Can Find Hardwood Flooring in Evanston Carpet Stores

You Can Find Hardwood Flooring in Evanston Carpet Stores

Flooring stores carry both carpets and hardwood flooring in Evanston. A top-quality flooring store will want to carry all or most of the kinds of floorings their customers will want for their homes and businesses. A business such as American Carpet Distributors will supply their customers with the best carpets and Harwood Flooring in Evanston. They will employ expert installers for both the wood flooring and the carpeting they sell. Also, they will carry products for the home and commercial buildings.

Hardwood Flooring Choices

There are different types of hardwood flooring to choose from. The best wood flooring may be solid wood planks installed and finished on site. These floors are thicker and will last for decades when properly maintained. The wood planks come in different kinds of wood and widths. This is the best wood flooring for new construction and major home remodeling jobs. But, these thick planks may not work for existing homes where the wood will meet another flooring at doorways. Finishing the wood on site with a family in residence may be inconvenient.

For these wood flooring jobs, prefinished solid wood, or engineered wood planks that are not as thick, may work better. Prefinished wood can be installed and ready to walk on in hours rather than days. These prefinished solid wood floors can be refinished. The engineered wood floors may be able to be refinished one time. They have a thin top layer of real wood.

Lower-budget flooring customers may be well served using a high-quality laminate wood flooring. This floor still comes in planks but is not solid wood. It is a manufactured wood base with a photographic image of wood laminated to it. Then, a top layer of protective vinyl or plastic finish is added. This is a budget priced, durable floor with many color, texture, and wood types available.

Carpet Choices

The homeowner may want a combination of wood and carpet for their home. Bedrooms may be carpeted, and the halls, dining room, and living room may have wood flooring. Rooms with wood flooring may have area rugs under dining room tables or at conversation areas. Visit the website for additional ideas and information.

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