5 Common Myths about Breast Augmentation

5 Common Myths about Breast Augmentation

Deciding to invest in breast augmentation or reconstruction surgery is a big step towards actualizing your goals. This popular cosmetic surgery option can help you to bring out your inner beauty, giving you the treatments you need to boost your confidence and improve your overall well-being. But before investing in plastic surgery, you should understand the common misconceptions surrounding breast augmentation.

Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo, MD is a double board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation in New York. He’s here to bust the myths regarding this popular surgery, so that you can feel more confident about your choice. Here are some of the common misconceptions about breast augmentation and the truths revealed.

1. Breast Augmentation Is Dangerous for Breastfeeding

Many patients who invest in this procedure are in their young 20s or 30s and are often worried that this kind of surgery would ruin their ability to safely breastfeed their child. However, there are no scientific claims to suggest that implants are at all harmful to a baby’s health. In fact, it is not risky at all to breastfeed your child after you have had breast implants.

2. You Have the Freedom to Choose Your Size

You do have some liberties when it comes to discussing your overall size and shape goals. However, our goal as your certified plastic surgeon is to ensure that your augmentation procedure creates results that look as natural and as full as possible. Depending on your current size and breast shape, you may expect differing results. However, Dr. Fiorillo guarantees that you will be satisfied with the way your breasts look after the procedure is complete.

3. Breast Implants Are Toxic to the Body

Many patients worry about silicone implants, wondering if they are foreign substances that the body will reject. Unfortunately, the media likes to make claims that implants can be very harmful to the body, even going so far as to state that implants will cause an autoimmune disease. However, there are millions of women who have received these implants, many of whom have participated in studies that show no correlation between implants and autoimmune diseases.

If a medical malady were to occur as a result of breast augmentation, it is highly treatable, and it will never become a life or death situation.

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