The Benefits of a Tummy Tuck after Having a Child

The Benefits of a Tummy Tuck after Having a Child

Did you recently have a child and now have some loose skin and extra fat from the months of pregnancy? Have you been trying to lose weight with exercise and dieting but haven’t been able to reach your goal? Dieting and exercising may not be enough to lose excess skin after having a child. A mommy makeover in Naperville may be able to help you to reach your weight goals and have you looking slimmer and as good as you looked pre-pregnancy. A tummy tuck can be beneficial to you if you have tried to lose weight but have not yet found success.

Toned Abdomen

After going through multiple pregnancies or just experiencing one, your abdominal muscles can weaken and become swelled. Exercise and eating healthy may strengthen your muscles, but a tummy tuck can actually flatten your abdomen and get rid of extra skin.

Improved Posture

If you have weak abdominal muscles, you may suffer from “sway back.” A tummy tuck can help to flatten your stomach and tighten your muscles which can help to support your spine. This can result in an improvement in your posture and can prevent you from experiencing back pain.

Corrected Ventral Hernia

A weak abdomen can cause a ventral hernia. This can happen when your intestine or tissues within your abdomen break into the wall of your abdomen. It can form a small pocket in your abdomen.

Loss of Weight

An average tummy tuck can remove about 10 pounds from your stomach along with excess fat. It may not always be easy to lose weight just from exercise and maintaining a good diet immediately after you have a child. The skin is disconnected from the tissue beneath. Though this method of losing weight and lose skin can result in a recovery process lasting weeks. This is normal for a surgery as many surgeries require a serious recovery process.

If you have recently had a child and are interested in mommy makeover in Naperville, the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery can provide you with the information and services that you need.

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