5 Factors to Consider to Find Out If It’s Time to Hire a Home Aide

5 Factors to Consider to Find Out If It’s Time to Hire a Home Aide

It can be tough to finally realize your parents need assisted living. Here are some factors to consider if it’s time you hired a home nurse:

Home maintenance

Is your loved one having a hard time with the upkeep and maintenance of his home? Does your loved one live in an untidy, unsanitary home? That could mean your elderly relative needs the assistance of an experienced care nurse, says HelpGuide.

Drug maintenance

Is your granddad or father starting to skip his much needed medication and maintenance drugs? Does he keep forgetting to take them? That might be more than a few bouts of forgetfulness. That could be the onset of a memory-impaired condition like Alzheimer’s disease. With the help of a nurse, you have someone there to make sure your loved one takes his medications right on time.


Is your loved one having trouble moving around or going to the grocery? Do you need someone to drive your mother or grandma to her doctor’s appointments and checkups? Or just need someone to run to the pharmacy to pick up the medication? By hiring a home nurse, you get someone who’s authorized to prescribe the right drugs and medication, and can swing by the pharmacy to pick them up, ensuring your loved one’s medical needs are taken care of.


Hiring a nurse to care for your loved one at home is a much more cost-effective solution than a long-term stay at a facility. By considering the merits of an in-home caregiver with medical training, you could cut down on costs to ensure you can provide for all your loved one’s needs well into the future.


In case an emergency happens, a nurse will know what emergency measures to take to ensure your loved one has the best chance at survival and recovery.

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