Healthcare McDonough GA Offers Signs it’s Time for Hospice Care

Healthcare McDonough GA Offers Signs it’s Time for Hospice Care

When providing care for a loved one in poor health or who is older, there’s always a point when the question of, “Is it time to call in hospice” occurs. Family members who have to answer this question are in a difficult position.

Many wonder how to know whether or not it is time to call this service. If this is the case, the information here will prove beneficial.

Eligibility Criteria for Hospice Care

Individuals of any age are eligible for receiving hospice care after receiving Healthcare McDonough GA and being diagnosed with a lifespan of six months or less. The actual time period that determines eligibility is dependent on the course of their disease.

Another requirement is that patients who opt for hospice have to stop any type of curative treatment. This is done because they no longer want to receive it, or because it’s no longer effective.

While this is true, many terminal health conditions don’t progress in a predictable way. If patients live beyond the six-month period after being admitted into hospice, they can continue these services as long as a doctor continues to sign off on their eligibility. There are some rare situations where an individual received hospice care for 12 months or longer.

Beginning Hospice Care

While receiving traditional Healthcare McDonough GA services is important, once a person decides hospice is needed, traditional healthcare services are ended. In fact, most people are going to have a doctor recommend hospice services and when they are needed.

After a request for services is sent by a person’s doctor, it typically takes a day or two for care to begin. Keep in mind, this can vary from one patient to another based on their doctor and the hospice services being used.

When it is time for hospice care, finding the right service provider is important. After all, this is the company that’s going to be providing care and support during an individual’s last days. More information about quality hospice care services is available by contacting the staff at Sacred Journey Hospice.

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