5 Reasons to Use a Brief Writing Service for SSD Briefs and Legal Memos

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Law

Whether you’re an attorney or a law firm looking to help your clients with their Social Security Disability claims, chances are that you’ll have to write SSD briefs/legal memos throughout each case. Unfortunately, these often prove to be time-consuming tasks, which also increase overhead costs and decrease the quality of service you are able to offer in other areas. However, a disability attorney brief writing service specializes in writing SSD briefs and legal memos can provide numerous benefits. Take a look at these five reasons to use a brief writing service for SSD briefs and legal memos:

1. SSD briefs

As an attorney, you know that an SSD brief has to present a convincing argument as to why your client deserves to receive SSD benefits, and cites an ample and thorough body of evidence before a judge. However, compiling the evidence for this brief, and arranging it into the proper format, takes a large amount of time, which often is in short supply (especially when you have many cases to deal with, as SSD law is a volume practice). We can take care of all of this work for you, as well as write it in your preferred format.

2. Legal memos

Legal memos need to be properly formatted before being sent to the ALJ. As with briefs, we can write these in a standardized format or one preferred by your office, making it easy and convenient to send pre hearing memos and/or OTRs.

3. Save time

When you hire a brief writing service to take care of your briefs and memos, you spend much less time on this aspect of your cases  – which means that you have much more time to focus on preparation for each case, provide better client service, and devote more time to marketing and business management.

4. Save money

Because we specialize in writing legal memos and briefs, we are able to complete the same volume of work as you would be able to, but in a shorter amount of time. Thus, by using our time instead of yours, you are paying less per hour in order to complete the same number of briefs or memos. We are also scalable, so you only pay for the work completed, and are not paying staff salary during slower months. In this way, you save money by hiring a brief writing service, which has the benefit of experience and efficiency.

5. Provide better service

A brief writing service like ours has years of experience and numerous attentive employees, and because we specialize in briefs, we can focus all of our attention on working on these tasks, and thus produce a better quality of work. Thus, you can satisfy your clients with a well-crafted brief and a winning case.

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