5 Reasons Your Dog Needs to Experience Doggy Daycare in Ft. Lauderdale

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Pets

You may be hesitant to try out the Ft. Lauderdale doggy daycare options for your pup.  We are here to tell you why your dog will love it and how to get him started right away!

1.  Socialization is important for dogs of all ages, but especially for puppies and young dogs.  Early socialization helps to make adaptable, healthy adult dogs.  Taking your puppy to doggy daycare in Ft. Lauderdale is a great way for him to make friends of his own age and size, learning important socialization skills early in life.  A few days per week is enough to expose your pup to new environments, different dogs, and new people that will all quickly become friends.

2. You may not have any vacations planned now but what about in the future?  Your dog will already be accustomed to his Ft. Lauderdale doggy daycare, allowing him to feel safe and secure during overnight stays while you are away on vacation or business.  This will eliminate any stress or anxiety for both you and your pup when that time comes.

3. Doggy daycare in Fort Lauderdale allows your dog a safe, clean place to run, romp, and play with his friends any time, any day.  No more worrying about the weather or scheduling play dates.  Just bring in your pup and he’s ready to burn off that extra energy, all while you keep up with your busy schedule!

4. No more sad dog face when you’re leaving for work!  Instead, your pup will be begging to head out the door, ready to start his day of playtime and fun!  Constant playtime and interaction eliminates separation anxiety, unwanted behavior problems, and helps with potty training as well!

5. Think you cannot afford doggy daycare?  Think again!  Discounted package rates and loyalty programs are popular among doggy daycares in Ft. Lauderdale to accommodate all pet owners!  Whether you’d like your dog to visit every day or once per week, you can choose a package that’s right for you and your budget!

Whether you live here or are just visiting Ft. Lauderdale, doggy daycare is the place for your dog to enjoy being a dog, each and every day!

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