5 Scenarios Warranting a Call for Commercial Heating Service in Omaha, NE

5 Scenarios Warranting a Call for Commercial Heating Service in Omaha, NE

For business owners, awareness of possible issues with the building’s heating system can prevent damage and safety worries. It is also important to hire a trusted Commercial Heating Service in Omaha NE that can provide prompt service. Below are several scenarios when the call for help should come now rather than later.

A Smell of Rotten Eggs

Unless there are old eggs left in the breakroom refrigerator, a rotten egg smell in a commercial building signifies a gas leak. These leaks carry an extreme risk of explosion, and employees should leave the premises immediately before calling a heating repair service and notifying the authorities.

A Moldy, Musty Smell

While not as dramatic or as dangerous as a gas leak, mold growth can have a significant effect on indoor air quality. It can even cause respiratory issues in sensitive individuals. Before mold has a chance to spread, call an HVAC repair service for help. The technician can look in the ductwork and other places to find the source of mold growth before it gets out of control.

Burning, Hot Smells

Because the heating unit’s primary function is to heat air, many people believe that it’s normal to encounter a burning smell. However, such smells signify an internal issue with the furnace, for which repairs should be sought right away.

An Electrical Smell

When electrical wiring overheats and starts to burn, it emits a distinctive odor. If there’s an electrical burning smell inside the building, call a Commercial Heating Service in Omaha NE immediately before fuses blow or a fire starts.

Serious Water Accumulation

Water damage, as most people know, can be very damaging to a building-;and very expensive and disruptive to resolve. If a business owner spots any water buildup in or around the water heater, they likely have a leak and should call a professional for an evaluation.

Business owners have a lot to worry about, not the least of which is keeping the building’s heating system in safe, workable condition. To keep employees safe, comfortable, and happy, call Accurate Heating & Cooling or Visit the website to schedule an appointment for service.

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