5 Top Surfing Tips You Should Know

Surfing is fun, but it can also present many safety challenges to surfers. If you plan to learn surfing in Charleston, SC for pleasure, exercise, sport, or adventure, there are a few tips to help you ensure you do it safely. Of course, learning the surf lessons will provide you with the necessary techniques and safety tips to observe. That said, here are top 5 surfing tips you should know:

1. Get the Right Gear
It can be frustrating to ride a short board and unless you have the skill; the best bet is to start with a longboard. You can then move to shorter boards as you begin to know the surfing tricks and tactics. A loosely fitting wetsuit will cause discomforts and rashes while also making it harder for you to stand up and paddle.

2. Learn the Paddling Techniques
The most important skill you should know in surfing is paddling. Unless you know how to paddle the surfboard, you will not catch waves. You may also get tired quickly. When paddling, try to reach your hands as far out in front as possible but stay close to the rails, with each stroke, dig down deep into the wave.

3. Take the Right Body Form
When surfing, you want to arch your back. It will ensure you evenly distribute your body weight on the board and avoid tiring out too quickly. Keep your head up as you paddle and catching waves so that you spot the potential waves.

4. Placing Your Hands
It’s not right to place your hands on the rails when you surf, but this is a common impulse in surfers, especially the beginners – don’t do it! When you grab the rails, it throws off the balance of the surfboard. Instead, when you are just about to pop up, you need to place the hands on board’s deck next to the shoulders.

5. Straight to Your Feet
One mistake surfers make is using their knees to stand up on their boards. At first, you will do it as you learn to surf, but you should practice going straight to your feet. It may take some time to learn this trick, but it is very essential. When you use your knees to stand up, it keeps you and the board off balance.

Using these surfboarding tips will help you learn how to surf easily and keep safe throughout your surfing activity. Ensure you have a professional to guide you with your surfing in Charleston, SC.

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