5 Ways to Better Rug Maintenance and Care

Rug maintenance and care matter. If you want your rugs to stay in tip-top shape for a long, long time, follow these tips for good measure.

Rotate them regularly

Rotating your rugs every year or two can help distribute the amount of wear on the rug. That’s going to give the piece a more uniform look. The practice will also prevent getting too much wear on a particular side or area of the rug.

Block off the sun

Sunlight causes the dye in Oriental rugs to fade. Prevent that by keeping the sunlight from hitting your rugs. Pick a good spot. That or you can rotate the rugs to ensure uniform wear.

Vacuum regularly

This will left remove grit and dirt that could wear out the fibers, the Cleanipedia explains. However, don’t think that vacuuming is enough. If you want to make sure you clean the pieces effectively, send them to a firm for Oriental rug cleaning in Houston.

Spot clean

Don’t let spills dry into the rug. Get those spills dry. Spot clean once a spill happens. Dab at the affected area with a dry cloth to soak up the liquid or substance. Stay away from soap or bleach since these can deal damage to the fibers of your rugs. Use water instead. If that doesn’t fix the problem, don’t try to DIY a solution. Look to experts for help.

Hire pros

Engage the services of pros for regular Oriental rug cleaning in Houston. Have your rugs sent to the shop for regular cleaning. With pros to take care of everything, you can count rely on them to get rid of the stains, odors, and spots on your carpet. Some even offer repair services so you might want to take advantage of that as well. By the time you get your rugs back, they’ll look good as new.

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