The Style In Fine Oriental Rugs In Houston

Many people use the terms Oriental and Persian interchangeably when it comes to the beautiful designs of rugs that come from the East. However, there is a difference, with Oriental rugs meaning any rugs coming from an Oriental country, while Persian rugs are from what is now Iran.

Carpet dealers in Houston selling Oriental rugs may be selling rugs from Turkey, Iran, Tibet, China, and Pakistan as well as other countries. Top rug dealers like Ashly Fine Rugs can provide information on the rug to buyers. These rugs can be made from a variety of different types of materials including wool, cotton and even silk. In addition to a wide variety of materials, these rugs are also found in various colors and patterns, some which are very traditional and others that are modern twists on the classics.

Typical Design Elements

There are two general types of designs in these carpets, at least when considering the traditional style. This includes the floral patterns, which are known as curvilinear for their flowing lines and distinctive, realistic looking flowers.

The other option is a geometric pattern throughout the rug. This is known as a rectilinear design, and it has more defined shapes that are angular and tend not to include curves, semi-circles or complete circles in the design.

Medallions and Borders

Another feature of Oriental rugs is the use of central medallions. These are larger single or multiple patterns in the center of the rug that is typically repeated at the corners in miniaturized versions or as part of the elements of the medallion. This is also a pattern used in Persian rugs.

The border can be very intricate on these types of rugs. They can include multiple border elements including patterns, lines or stripes. The border pattern is often separated from the center field of the rug and the outside edge with very different border designs.

There are many different color options and features in these rugs. Ideally, spend some time looking online and shopping in Houston rug stores to determine which pattern is best suited for your decorating needs.

To learn more about the different patterns and options in Oriental rugs in Houston, visit the rug experts at Ashly Fine Rugs.

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