When To Make A Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Your First Choice

When To Make A Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Your First Choice

There are many different types of systems, machines, and equipment that use a variety of different sizes and types of hydraulic cylinders. This includes everything from equipment used in lumber mills and the timber industry through to hydraulic systems for automated processing equipment, dump truck beds and on all types of cranes and hoists used in industrial applications.

In many cases, there are standard hydraulic cylinders that can be used to replace existing cylinders that fail. However, there are also times when a custom hydraulic cylinder is the first and best possible choice.

For Retrofitting Equipment

In some cases, other types of lift mechanisms on old equipment may become too costly to continue to repair. When upgrading or updating this equipment, a custom hydraulic cylinder can replace the old, inefficient system.

Working with an experienced company in the custom design and manufacturing of the cylinder is a must to ensure it is the ideal match for the working parameters.

For Obsolete Machinery

In many specialized industries, it is not uncommon for manufacturers to go out of business, leaving equipment owners without replacement parts. Even the best maintained hydraulic cylinders eventually wear out, which can create a problem if replacement cylinders are not available.

A quality custom hydraulic cylinder manufacture can reverse engineer the current cylinder to provide you with the part that is needed for the equipment, machinery or system.

In New Equipment Development

OEMs may also need to look for custom cylinders in the production of new equipment. By using a custom cylinder, it may be possible to add to the lift capacity of the system or to otherwise improve on existing lift and push ability.

Look for a custom cylinder manufacturer with fast turnaround times and a reputation for innovation and reliability in the cylinders they design and manufacture.

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