The Importance of Industrial Waste Disposal Service in Lima Ohio

The Importance of Industrial Waste Disposal Service in Lima Ohio

For the world today, there is great importance in properly disposing of industrial waste. Industrial waste is undesired by-products of industrial activities such as mining and manufacturing. Industrial waste can be classified into two different categories, hazardous and nonhazardous. The two types should never be mixed and must be stored and disposed of properly.

Common Types of Hazardous Waste

  • Paints and solvents
  • Automotive wastes
  • Pesticides
  • Electronics
  • Aerosols
  • Batteries
  • Ammunition

Common Types of Non-Hazardous Waste

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Organic materials

Impact of Waste Disposal

There are many ways that the Industrial Waste Disposal Service in Lima Ohio can benefit the environment, protect human and animal health as well as protect businesses from occurring hefty legal fines. Following are a few of the ways that lack of proper waste disposal can impact each category.

  • Environment- Poor waste disposal can lead to waste entering into the wrong areas. For example, chemicals may leak into the city water making it harmful to plants, animals, and humans. It can cause irreparable damages.
  • Human Health- Medical conditions can increase with improper handling and disposal of industrial waste. Effective industrial waste management will do a proper job of ensuring the waste does not affect the lives of humans and animals while also reducing the number of such incidents from happening. It will also limit the amount of waste that is produced.
  • Liability- There is a strict obligation for managing and disposing of waste effectively among businesses. Failure to do so can result in becoming liable for any damages that occur due to negligence. This will result in large fines and potential business shut-down.

Methods of Waste Disposal

There are various methods for disposing of waste available.

  • Landfills- Typically where most waste is thrown. This method focuses on burying the waste within the land.
  • Incineration/Combustion- Type of disposal in which municipal solid wastes are burned at high temperatures to convert them to gasses.
  • Recycling- Converting waste products into new products.
  • Composting- The natural bio-degradation process that takes place among organic wastes.

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Industrial Waste Disposal Service in Lima Ohio is critical for helping safeguard the environment. It is important for every industry to learn how to rid of wastes properly and minimize spill offs. Visit for more tips and information on how to properly dispose of waste. Find us on Facebook!

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