Details Discussed with a Divorce Law Firm In Lee’s Summit, MO

Details Discussed with a Divorce Law Firm In Lee’s Summit, MO

In Missouri, no two divorce cases are the same, and some additional requirements must be fulfilled. When approaching a divorce case, the petitioner has to follow the guidelines that pertain to their case. A divorce law firm in Lee’s Summit, MO helps petitioners determine which guidelines apply and how to get the divorce finalized as quickly as possible.

What is a Default Judgment?

A default judgment is used when the defendant fails to answer the divorce summons. If there isn’t a response within sixty days of the motion, the attorney files the motion to get the divorce finalized. A hearing is scheduled with the judge who listens to the petitioner’s testimony and signs the final decree. The default judgment could also help spouses who were abused and need to finalize their divorce to acquire additional protection.

What Is Service by the Public?

Service by the public is used when the petitioner doesn’t know the location of their spouse. The petitioner must prove that they have exhausted all efforts to find their spouse to no avail. An ad is placed in the legal section of the newspaper to notify the defendant of the impending divorce. The ad runs for six weeks, and the defendant has sixty days to respond. After the deadline, the judge signs the documents, and the divorce is finalized.

The Effects of a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are enforced in the state of Missouri. However, the state limits divorce grounds to irretrievable breakdown or irreconcilable differences. When a prenuptial agreement was used, the petitioner must provide evidence of the violation of the terms. The terms of the agreement offer certain settlements, awards for violations, and outline how marital property is divided. Some agreements may address how child custody arrangements are designed.

In Missouri, divorce proceedings could become complex due to circumstances that could emerge at any time. For example, if the petitioner doesn’t know where their spouse is, service by the public is an effective choice. If a defendant doesn’t respond, the attorney could help the petitioner get divorced through a default judgment. Petitioners who need help with their case should contact a divorce law firm in Lee’s Summit, MO or visit the website right now. You can also visit them on their YouTube Channel.

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